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Amanda Marshall's self-titled debut album was released on October 17, 1995. This year, the album, which celebrates its 25th anniversary, was awarded diamond certification for selling one million copies in Canada. The album’s biggest hit was “Birmingham,” which peaked at #3 and #43 in the United States. “Beautiful Goodbye,” #5, and “Let It Rain,” #7, attracted some attention in Britain.

Amanda’s husky vocals and pop-rock style were compared to Bryan Adams and Melissa Ethridge's works. The album provided a nice complement to the more alternative rock vibes of Alanis Morissette’s best-selling album "Jagged Little Pill," released four months earlier. While her music has generally ranked very highly in Canada, her music wasn't given the same opportunity in the United States or elsewhere.

Born and raised in Toronto, the singer released two more studio albums after her debut, which did well and contributed further to an impressive array of hit singles. If you have not heard this album, I strongly recommend this incredible album as an essential addition to the music collection. "Amanda Marshall" is one of the finest studio albums ever to come out of Canada.