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Alto pop diva Anastacia released her third album, a self-titled one back in 2004, to huge reception practically worldwide. Following two majorly successful albums, 2000’s “Not That Kind” and 2001’s “Freak of Nature,” but “Anastacia” is a very different record in comparison to those two. For anybody reading that is unaware of the important backing story behind the album, Anastacia was diagnosed with breast cancer in early 2003. Subsequently, she disappeared from the public eye as a result. Anastacia managed to fight off breast cancer later that year.

“Anastacia” definitely sees this notched up to eleven, though, and the twelve tracks found here are her most consistent set yet. “Heavy on My Heart” and “Welcome to My Truth” are strikingly personal accounts of her progression with breast cancer, and “Rearview” and “Where Do I Belong” show that Anastacia is capable of writing excellent songs. Am sure you have all heard “Left Outside Alone” by now, which was a great choice for the lead single. The song was a global smash that was the number one single of 2004 in many European countries, on which Anastacia berates the listener with cries of frustration in pop/rock at its finest.

Overall, Anastacia is truly an artist's record, where listeners get a bird's eye view into the minds of a covertly dark Anastacia whose musical imagination is finally allowed to blossom due to the tragedy that overcame her. Luckily for us, she is 100 percent cured of her disease; now it's time to take a listen to one of my personal favourite albums and give her some credit like she truly deserves.