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It's been 25 years that Canadian powerhouse Celine Dion released one of the best albums of her career, "Falling Into You." Released on March 11, 1996, by Columbia/Epic Records. The follow-up to her commercially successful album "The Colour of My Love"(1993) and French-language "D'eux" (1995), Falling into You, showed a further progression of Dion's music. The production stakes were much higher than before, with a host of big names writing and producing tracks for the album, hopefully aiming to match the success of “Colour” if not surpass it.

Diane Warren returned for Celine's third album and, this time pumps out a huge hit that was from the movie "Up Close And Personal." The song in question is "Because You Loved Me," as this beautiful, soulful ballad n her own inimitable way turns on the power over the final choruses. The song was the second single from the album released in America in February and worldwide, becoming her second US chart-topper and selling over two million copies. Next came my all-time favourite Celine song, "It’s All Coming Back To Me Now," which peaked at No.3 in October 1996. There’s no doubt it was written by MeatLoaf’s long-term writer/producer Jim Steinbeck. The song was intended for Meatloaf, who wanted to record the song, but Jim wanted a female vocalist. It was inspired by the novel Wuthering Heights, and Steinman envisaged it by a female vocalist. Steinman was delighted when Celine Dion wanted to record the song, and it was released as the third single.

Then, the fourth single was a cover of Eric Carmen’s 1975 power ballad ‘All By Myself,’ which allowed Celine to really showcase her robust singing chops. The track was produced by David Foster, who apparently sprung the song’s famous high note on her when they were in the studio, telling her if she couldn’t hit it, someone else will do it. That fired her up to show him how it’s done. It reached no.6 on the Official Singles Chart in December 1996. The last and final single was a forgotten single, suffering the fate of being the fifth release from an already best-selling album and being released six months after the previous single. ‘Call the Man’ was written by Peter Sinfield and Andy Hall, who wrote ‘Think Twice’ from Celine’s previous album and produced by Jim Steinbeck; the perfect combination. It just missed out on the Top 10, peaking at no.11 in June of 1997.

The album has been certified 11 times Platinum in the US for over 11.7 million copies and received multiple Platinum discs in practically every country. "Falling Into To You" received seven Platinum discs for sales of over 2.1 million copies and is listed as one of the biggest sellers for three consecutive years. “Falling Into You” is listed as one of the twenty biggest-selling albums in music history with a total worldwide sale of thirty-two million copies! It would be almost impossible for anyone to top this achievement, but thanks to a ship called "Titanic," Celine had not even reached the peak.

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