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Raised in Nashville, singer Kesha released her third studio album "Rainbow" on August 11, 2017. It arrives nearly three years after the beginning of a protracted legal battle that nearly destroyed the singer’s career, sparked when she accused her producer and labelled founder Dr. Luke of sexual and emotional abuse in the fall of 2014. She went from the party-girl shtick, the cowboy boots, and lyrics delivered in a bratty, almost spoken snarl to "Rainbow," a much more comprehensive work that feels much more organic rock and country influence that places her much more firmly in a lineage, a tradition, instead of the weird, airless, EDM-influenced like her past work.

"Rainbow" is in a far different place than when her last album, which was released five years ago, having dropped the dollar sign from her stage name and become, for her high-profile supporters and fans, a symbol of women standing up for themselves and not tearing them down. The biggest lesson of "Rainbow" should be that our days of underestimating the ambitions and abilities of Kesha Rose Sebert are over.