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With Her debut album, "Pure Heroine," Lorde became respected for her honest, mature reflections on being a 21st-century teen. With "Melodrama," she became a legend. The New Zealand native released her sophomore album "Melodrama" on June 16, 2017, via Lava and Republic Records. Her sophomore album features some of the decade’s best writing, with the then-20-year-old dissecting a breakup and the ensuing solitude. The album was executive-produced by Lorde and Jack Antonoff as he dives into the deep end of her own heartbreak, sadness, and loneliness.

Depending on when you tune in to the dialogue, it’s either a sombre breakup album or a playful post-breakup record. It’s all wrapped up in the lead single, “Green Light,” in which Lorde admits she “can’t let go” even as the beat drifting in and out of the song suggests the green light she’s waiting for to get on with her life is to be found in the comfort of a disco ball. The downfall of her relationship is depicted as flashbacks on the tracks “Sober,” “Homemade Dynamite,” and “The Louvre.” “Liability” is the climax, when the said relationship crumbles and solitude storms in. The last six tracks find the singer trying to cope with her loneliness before falling back on drug use, only to realize that there are no such “perfect places” and ultimately move on.

"Melodrama" is one of my personal favourite albums as it has something for every mood. The album is so inherently Lorde but so deeply probing that it could mean many things to anyone. I’ve listened to the album on repeat since its release and, I still feel I haven't absorbed it all in yet. “Melodrama” is the best modern-pop album that I have heard in a while, and hopefully, new music is on the way soon.