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Adele is an English singer-songwriter. She is known for her mezzo-soprano vocals and sentimental songwriting. Adele has received numerous accolades including 16 Grammy Awards, 12 Brit Awards (including three for British Album of the Year), an Academy Award, a Primetime Emmy Award, and a Golden Globe Award. Adele is one of the world's best-selling female artist with sales of over 120 million records worldwide. The best-selling female artist of the 21st century in the UK,[7] she was named the best-selling artist of the 2010s in the US and worldwide.

19 (2008)
Release: January 28, 2008
Song Length: 12 songs, 43 minutes

21 (2011)
Release: January 24, 2011
Song Length: 12 songs, 51 minutes

25 (2015)
Release: November 20, 2015
Song Length: 11 songs, 48 minutes

30 (2021)
Release: November 19, 2021
Song Length: 12 songs, 58 minutes


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