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Nowadays, when you hear the name Jonas Brothers, the faces of Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas pop into your head immediately. But back when the trio's debut, "It's About Time," came out, they weren't the semi-well-known Disney Channel stars they are today. It was released on August 8, 2006, by Columbia Records. The album was released through Columbia's Daylight Records imprint. After Columbia Records dropped the group from their roster list, they signed with Hollywood. There’s no clear musical direction with this album. It came across like they just threw tracks together. You go from songs like “Mandy” to a Christian rock song called “Time for Me to Fly” just randomly on it. Like, there doesn’t need to tell a story but at least have some cohesiveness. The placement of the songs is okay but doesn’t make it feel like a complete album. There also is more of a rock vibe to the album than what we got in the future albums.

The opening track, "What I Go to School For," is a remake of Busted's original with changes in the lyrics that make the song more family-friendly. The lyrics discuss a guy having a crush on a girl older than he is. Things pick up in the next track, "Time for Me to Fly," which has that "stomp your feet, snap your fingers to the beat" feel. Things don't chill down in the album as their smash hit "Year 3000" follows, a remake of Busted's songs. "One Day at a Time" describes the feelings after a relationship has just ended, but they speed things back up in the next track, "6 Minutes," which is again about relationships. The lead single "Mandy" is a catchy song with an infectious beat that the Jonas Brothers wrote for their friend, also Joe's ex-girlfriend. They then slow things down with the next track, "You Just Don't Know It," which describes liking someone who doesn't know you exist. They then speed things back up again with the "I Am What I Am," which states they won't change because of what people think. "Underdog" talks about a girl who is unpopular and original. It is excellent for some girls to relate to. The track "7:05" describes a breakup but remains somewhat positive. The final track, "Please Be Mine," is a love song and a personal favourite on the album.

Overall, "It's About Time" is an underrated album and a decent, upbeat pop-rock album. It has been announced that the actual album is now a collector's item since the Jonas Brothers have switched to Hollywood Records. Although, the album suffers from poor production, execution, and concept. My opinion is if you're looking for a fun album with more Christian-based lyrics. But if you're looking for an upbeat pop-rock album, you will probably enjoy this album.

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