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The Jonas Brothers released their eponymous album in 2007; the band was the hottest new act on the teen scene. The self-titled second studio album and the international debut album on August 7, 2007, were their first album released under Hollywood Records. A mini reality TV show and constant circulation of their music across the network quickly introduced the world to the raven-haired trio. Combined with the band’s charm, their sophomore release was the perfect amount of boyish and fresh, and the masses bought — more like devoured — what they were selling. The three brothers Nick, Kevin and Joe, have been living the dream ever since the release of their first US single in 2005, receiving significant boosts through MTV and Radio Disney, particularly in the wake of their cover of "The Year 3000." However, the Jonas Brothers are far more sentimental than Busted, and this album is decidedly hit-and-miss.

Their energetic brand of pop-punk, just about bearable for a track, quickly pales throughout the album. Their track "SOS," a cover of a song by the British band Busted, is a staple in the band’s catalogue, providing a youthful perspective on a failing relationship through the lens of the mid-2000s. The track was previously released in 2006 by Columbia from the album "It's About Time." The band served even more classic teen pop on tracks like the high-energy, guitar-led “Hold On,” which served as the official second single from the album. It featured in the Disney Channel Original Movie "Johnny Kapahala: Back on Board." Music videos during the Jonas Brothers album cycle were also a powerful force. The video for their power ballad “When You Look Me In the Eyes” featured black and white footage of the boys performing live. Its aesthetic perfectly captured the sensitive tone of the song and set hearts ablaze for many years to come.

Their sophomore effect is cheerful, good-natured, and, best of all, tuneful and all adds up to an album that's tighter and better than their debut and one that suggests that they deserved their popularity on Radio Disney. Still, they have the writing and performing skills. Jonas Brothers have delivered an album that's high-energy pop-punk overflowing with catchy hooks and muscular guitar licks. Recording the project from beginning to end in a mere 21 days, so if you enjoy the genre and don't mind somewhat lightweight lyrics 'Jonas Brothers' is for you.


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