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Singer, songwriter, composer, and record producer Lionel Brockman Richie Jr has sold over 100 million records worldwide, making him one of the world’s best-selling artists of all time. He won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year for "Can’t Slow Down," and his other Grammy Awards include Producer of the Year (Non-Classical) in 1985 and Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for “Truly” in 1983. Richie has also been nominated for two Golden Globe awards and won one. In 1982 he was nominated for Best Original Song for the film "Endless Love." In 1986 he won the Golden Globe award for Best Original Song for “Say You, Say Me”, featured in the film "White Nights."

Just For You (2004)

1. Just for You
2. I Still Believe
3. Long, Long Way To Go
4. Just to be With You Again
5. She's Amazing
6. Heaven
7. The World Is A Party
8. Time of Our Life
9. Outrageous
10. Road to Heaven
11. Dance for the World
12. Do Ya
13. In My Dreams
14. One World

Coming Home (2006)

1. I Call It Love
2. Sweet Vacation
3. Why
4. What You Are
5. Up All Night
6. I'm Coming Home
7. All Around the World
8. Out of My Head
9. Reason to Believe
10. Stand Down
11. I Love You

Just Go (2009)

1. Forever
2. Just Go
3. Nothing Left to Give
4. Forever and a Day
5. I'm Not Okay
6. Good Morning
7. Through My Eyes
8. I'm in Love
9. Think of You
10. Into You Deep
11. Pastime
12.Face In The Crowd
13. Somewhere in London
14. Eternity

Tuskegee (2012)

1. You Are
2. Say You, Say Me
3. Stuck on You
4. Deep River Woman
5. My Love
6. Dancing on the Ceiling
7. Hello
8. Sail On
9. Endless Love
10. Just for You
11. Lady
12. Easy
13. All Night Long

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