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Mariah Carey burst onto the scene in the early ’90s and hearing that extraordinary whistle notes, and the five-octave range was closeted gay love at first sight. Thirteen years later, on April 5th, 2008, Mariah Carey released "E=MC²," which was the formula of Albert Einstein‘s theory of relativity. The record was filled with Mariah's accustomed blend of hip-hop & R&B soul. With T-Pain, Young Jeezy, and, of course, Jermaine Dupri all make cameo appearances on the album, the disc continues with a blend similar to "Emancipation Of Mimi." The album was a success when released, debuting at #1 on the Billboard 200 Albums chart with the highest first-week sales total of her career to date.

Scoring her 18th No. 1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with the sultry lead single "Touch My Body," which held on to the top spot for two weeks. What more can I say about her 18th #1 single, “Touch My Body,” is one of the most fun songs in her catalogue of hits, and I think one of the times when she best showcased her amazingly hilarious personality on a song beloved by the masses. Perhaps the most experimental track is the Damian Marley-assisted "Cruise Control." This is where Mariah takes a modest stab at infusing some island rhythms into her signature R&B sound.

The second single lifted from the album was "Bye Bye," which is an anthem for Mariah in that she’s singing to her father, who passed away several years prior, but also written in a relatable way for her listeners, it surely holds a special place in the hearts of many. The final single from the album "I Stay In Love" is the best composition on E=mc2. Acclaimed songwriter Bryan-Michael Cox captures the true essence of a loving bond while Mariah sings about not being able to free herself from a failing relationship. Other sing-along favorites include "I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time" and "Love Story.

"E=MC²" feels more cohesive at times more than previous releases, featuring an ample amount of ballads and uptempo songs. On this modern masterpiece, Mariah fools around with auto-tune on “Migrate” and explores uncharted territory with “Cruise Control,” a reggae-tinged track. Despite selling 7.5 million copies less than "Emancipation Of Mimi," "E=MC²" contains some of Carey’s most underrated material.

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