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Pop sweetheart Ariana Grande has been sharing a handful of Vevo live performance videos, like the recent one with Ty Dolla Sign, earlier this month. Today brings another, as she has linked up with The Weeknd for their collaboration “Off The Table.” The pair is joined by a band on a verdant stage, dramatically lit by blue light from a giant oval light fixture above. Grande previously said of making the song, “I didn’t know anyone was ever going to hear it. I just kind of was sitting in my room during quarantine, towards the very beginning, and I just had set up my little home situation, and a friend of Matt Bennett’s, Shintaro, had sent me a little folder of beats. He’s a really brilliant producer, and he sent me a pack of beats, and I pulled it up, and I wrote a verse and a chorus, and I sent it over to Abel, and I said, ‘Is this OK?’ And he was like, ‘Yeah, I’m gonna write the second verse.’ It was a very intimate moment and writing process between two friends.” The track is lifted from Ariana Grande's album "Positions," released in 2020.

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