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Avril Lavigne is on the promotional trail as she visits The Tonight Show, starring Jimmy Fallon last night with collaborator Travis Barker to perform her new single "Bite Me." For the appearance, she brought along collaborator Travis Barker. The Blink-182 drummer co-produced the track, along with John Feldmann and Mod Sun. The track– which the pop-punk star said last week came about from feeling like it was ​“just time to rock again” – sounded huge on the show, with viewers enjoying the nostalgia and being reminded of Avril’s explosion in the early ​’00s. Avril recently told Zane Lowe of Bite Me: ​“Even though I’m reflecting on past stuff I’ve been through in relationships with love. Let’s face it – love’s not easy. And, I mean, I’ve been through the ringer, so, yeah, I’m writing about it again… and I feel like Bite Me is kind of about a guy wanting a second chance but not giving him the time of day because, you know, you did before… It didn’t work out, and having that self-respect.” Lavigne also has her seventh studio album on the way, which sees the musician returns to her pop-punk roots first shown in 2002’s "Let Go." The upcoming album will be her first since 2019’s "Head Above Water."

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