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20-year-old rising pop sensation AJ Mitchell has released his long-awaited debut album "Skyview" that features previously released tracks, including the top-40 singles “Stop” and “Slow Dance,” featuring Ava Max, as well as “Growing Pains,” “Cameras On,” and his most recent track, “One More Fight.” AJ Mitchell, songwriting began when he was young —young, like, five years old. It started at the foot of his father, whose prized possession was an old keyboard. While Mitchell’s parents would “blast” Stevie Wonder, KISS, Enya, classical music, and other varieties around the house, it was listening to his dad write and play that sparked everything. Mitchell says he wanted to compete with his pops at the effort, even then. “I had a huge passion for it and such a love,” Mitchell says, “Really, there was nothing else that compared to my love for music. Before school, I would write songs. During school, I would think about music. After school, I would hop on the piano and start writing.” Mitchell displays his signature singing ability and pop draw on his new record, making him a talked-about artist (see: “Slow Dance”). But he also demonstrates a reflective side. For example, on the track “Miss You,” Mitchell speaks openly about death, specifically, the idea of his parents passing away. With all of the songs from "Skyview." AJ Mitchell has indeed come into his own, showcasing his knack for great storytelling.