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Rising pop sensation AJ Mitchell has released "Skyview" Deluxe, an expanded edition of his debut album that features live recordings of his singles, “I Choose You,” “Cheap Red Wine,” and “Miss You.” A new performance video accompanies every live recording. "Skyview" is named after the drive-in movie theatre AJ frequented as a child because he says the album is a coming-of-age story. On his new record, Mitchell displayed the signature singing ability and pop draw that made him a talked-about artist (see: “Slow Dance”). But he also demonstrates a reflective side. For example, on the track “Miss You,” Mitchell speaks openly about death, specifically, the idea of his parents passing away. “When I write my music,” he says, “I really just want to speak from the heart.” He adds, “It’s weird to think about, my parents are still here, but I miss them. That as a concept—I really just wanted to talk about that. It came out of being very vulnerable and emotional.” As the young singer looks ahead, he has big goals. He wants to be an impactful, respectable artist, perhaps staying near the top of the charts. And Mitchell may achieve that—and sooner than some may think. But as he reaches for those gold rings, he says he will keep music—especially music composition—at the front of his mind. Good, surprising, and remarkable compositions. That’s what’s always mattered most.