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British-Norwegian DJ Alan Walker has dropped his sophomore album, "World Of Walker," which is the follow-up to his 2018 debut album "Different World." Already releasing two singles from the album, "Paradise," featuring K-391 and Boy In Space and his latest single, "World We Used To Know with Winona Oak. Seemingly continuing with the sci-fi-influenced, climate change-aware theme of much of his previous work, "The World We Used To Know" is deeply reflective and melancholy. With lyrics centred around nature and concerns about the future, Walker asks the listener if “it came overnight, or did it come on slow?”, asserting that “I don’t think this is the world we used to know.” The regretful lyrics, sung powerfully yet rather gloomily by Oak, belie the understated bounce of the chorus. Razor-sharp arpeggiated guitar, and massive, ethereal pads mark the solemn verses, but the track takes on an almost tropical, other-worldly feel once the drop comes. It’s a sad song, to be sure, but one that seems to contain plenty of further hope and optimism bubbling just below the surface. Walker has certainly been busy lately, performing at EDC Las Vegas, Japan’s Summer Sonic Festival, releasing his club-oriented EP "Walker Racing League" earlier in the year, and of course, gearing up for the drop of his new album. Winona Oak, famous mostly for collaborations with What So Not (‘Beautiful’) and with The Chainsmokers ("Hope"), teamed up with Walker as the latest in a series of vocal performances on other artists’ tracks.

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