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More assumed, stronger, and more organized: this is how singer Alicia Moffet is making her post-COVID comeback by launching her first EP entitled "Intertwine." The name of the EP says it well; for Alicia, everything in life is connected. "Intertwine" is, therefore, the culmination of Alicia Moffet's reflection on the events that shaped her, on moments when emotions are strong, free and, above all, authentic. Exploring the gray areas that make existence and relationships ever-intertwining, Alicia concludes with this new material that not everything is always black or white, and that beauty perhaps unfolds in the spectrum between both. The new EP follows the publication of his first album, "Billie Ave." which exceeded 18 million streams and reached the Canadian top 50 on Billboard and the number one spot in the pop album category on Apple Music. This new EP represents an important step in the artist's journey as each song echoes experiences close to her. "Intertwine" is the fruit of Alicia Moffet's rich and multifaceted inner work, where balance is essential to her personal development. The eight songs on "Intertwine" were written and composed by Alicia Moffet, Dani Poppit and Richard Beynon, with input from the talent of songwriters and composers Zach Zoya, Laurence Lafond-Beaulne, Connor Seidel, Alex Saad, Cole Citrenbaum and Jamie Fine. The Canadian singer who won the 2013 season of "The Next Star." She has released several singles and featured on the 2015 edition of the French-Canadian version of "The Voice."

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