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Nashville singer-songwriter Anderson East has released his third studio album, "Maybe We Never Die," via Elektra/Low Country Sound. East produced the record alongside Dave Cobb, known for Jason Isbell, Chris Stapleton, and more. Previously characterized by his gentle, mesmerizing melodies and warm, twang-tinged vocal contributions, East sets the standard of continuously expanding artistry across his 12-track collection. The record follows his critically-acclaimed studio album "Encore" from 2018. "Maybe We Never Die" continues East’s history producing soul records. But this record inserts East’s country croon into a different sprout of soul music: R&B-influenced 80s pop. “This is the hardest I’ve worked on anything,” East shares. “I tried to make the soundtrack that I identified with and saw the world through at that moment. I’m very proud of it. I’m grateful for the things that it taught me and excited for the life it will lead now that it’s out of my control.” East grew up in Athens, Alabama, a town without many opportunities for making music, and started singing hymns in his grandfather’s church. His fascination with R&B came from his adolescent job at a local record shop. He’d recycle his paycheck back through the store’s aisles. Skateboard video soundtracks piqued his interest, and he went down rabbit holes discovering music via hip-hop samples.

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