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Anthony Ramos has released his sophomore album, "Love and Lies," alongside that, he has released a brand new music video for the album's track "Lose My Mind." Ramos tweeted out, 'Shout to everybody who made this possible in celebration of the new album. It takes a village' and sharing that the album has been two years in the making. Ramos says while his first album was 'really finding' himself, this second album he really 'tapped into something.' "This album was driven by sonics," Ramos says on the album. He says the message he would keep going back to was that "The music will always tell you what it wants to say." These songs on "Love And Lies" came out of beats and what chords Ramos was feeling. In addition to music, Ramos made his Broadway debut in Hamilton in 2015. In his stage roles, Ramos has co-starred in the police brutality drama "Monsters and Men" and "A Star Is Born" alongside Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. He can also be seen in Legendary's "Godzilla: King of Monsters" and in the 2020 DreamWorks Animation film "Trolls World Tour" as techno ruler King Trollex. He also stars in the Netflix series "She's Gotta Have It."