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What a difference a year can make. Rewind to December 2020, and ArrDee – aka Brighton teenager Riley Davies – juggled working nights with getting trains up to London for studio sessions and networking with industry types. Those long, sleep-deprived days and journeys paid off. The south coast rapper ArrDee has released his new mixtape entitled "Pier Pressure." Alongside the release, ArrDee has released another single, “Early Hours,” which follows on from ArrDee’s music video for “Come & Go,” The Brighton rapper connected with a young woman at a house party. In these new visuals, we see ArrDee spending time with the same lady in the “Early Hours” of the morning. This year, the 19-year-old rapper featured on the first drill track to reach number one (Tion Wayne’s ‘Body’), bagged three Top Ten hits – the garage-indebted ‘Flowers (Say My Name),’ ‘Oliver Twist, and a spot on Digga D’s ‘Wasted’ – and has injected the UK rap world with a cheeky sense of humour that had arguably been missing from the scene for some time. He recently spoke about what makes you stand out as a rapper in the UK scene, “There’s a few things. I massively represent my hometown – I don’t just do it for me. And I think I represent the culture of what a lad or girl from my hometown is like, which I think is quite unaccounted for in the UK scene. But there’s also a lot of smaller towns across the country that don’t have somebody to represent their culture. And I think that’s how I came in and shot off as fast as I did because I was different. Jumping on different beats, my flow was different; I wasn’t talking about what everyone was talking about."

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