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Nineteen-year-old Los Angeles-based artist Ashlynn Malia has been writing songs for most of her youth, some of which was spent doing a three-year stint as a singer and dancer with the Kidz Bop troupe. What she’s doing now is no child’s play as she releases her debut EP, “Rather Be Alone." “We played around, experimented a lot, and didn’t take ourselves too seriously during the process,” says Malia. “A ton of the sounds you hear in this EP are original. Looking back at the start of this project, we’ve all evolved so much since. We poured our time, energy, hearts, and souls into this body of work, and it’s extremely personal and special.”Made over the past two years with producers Andrew Weitz and Koby Berman, the EP reveals a singer finding her own voice. And on “Open,” her vocals are nuanced, ebbing and flowing in a spacious arrangement as she lyrically pulls the curtain back on some relatable insecurities. Malia, who debuted with the single “Desperate” almost two years ago and has progressed from there, has grown her profile over the years with a trove of acoustic covers she posts online, as well as her dancing and choreography work. (She did the choreography on Emily Kinney’s latest video, and here she is dancing to “Driver’s License”).

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