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With so many avenues for artists to demonstrate their talents, it is nearly inevitable for the up-and-coming voices to rise to the top in some format. In the highly competitive medium of social media, ASTN has already achieved what some artists consider their primary goal – to go viral. In a TikTik video posted in November of 2021, he reimagined Billie Eilish’s “Happier Than Ever” with more of an R&B aesthetic. Over 60 million views and 1.8 million followers later, ASTN found himself with an audience anxious to see if there was any true potential behind a creative character. Quickly responding to any skepticism, ASTN released the lead single “Gradually” only months later, in late January. Followed weeks later by another new track, “Real,” both answered questions from fans about the perceived limits of ASTN’s talents. He has now released his new EP, "You’re Almost There," which leans into his natural R&B skillset while incorporating pop appeal, a satisfying balance of both genres that clarifies the vision he has for his sound. Though the combination of R&B and pop is not an original recipe, ASTN impressively offers a fresh outlook on the soundscape. A 5-song listen, "You’re Almost There," includes instrumental breaks and catchy choruses that help keep the album's pace compelling. In his first major release since his viral breakout, ASTN proves that he is not a trend; instead, he is an artist with the charisma, drive, and talent to build a career for himself.

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