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British singer-songwriter Michael Joseph Nelson, aka BANNERS, released his eighth EP “It's Gonna Be OK." The EP comprises of 5-tracks, including preceding singles “If I Didn't Have You” and “Serenade.” Produced by BANNERS, Dylan Guthro and Jason Suwito. He created the EP during the COVID-19 pandemic. “This pandemic should serve as a reminder of what we are all capable of individually and as a collective. We've all looked after one another, kept each other going. It's shown me what's important and what isn't,” BANNERS said. “The things that I could live without and the things I truly need that maybe I didn't appreciate properly. The people, the hugs, the kisses. The people.” His songs are part of the soundtracks of several series such as “Love, Victor,” “Grey's Anatomy,” “Feminine Power” (“The Bold Type”) and the films in the “After” franchise. BANNERS explores the space between piano chords, guitars, sweeping beats and orchestral arrangements with songs that inspire, envelop and have a timeless sound. “There are certain songs that become the soundtrack of a specific moment in your life. If the music from my BANNERS project manages to become the soundtrack of a special moment for a person, that is already a dream for me”, said Michael.

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