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Barbra Streisand, the legend of stage and screen, has also raided her vault for some unreleased rarities. Her new album titled "Release Me 2" is her second collection of songs that did not get their moment in the sun for one reason or another, recorded between 1962 and 2020. The 40-year span was a time of much change – though you’d never know it from this album, which sticks to a fantastically romantic swoon pretty much from beginning to end. The arrangements are gorgeous, from the fluttering flute of “Be Aware” lulling you into a comfortable sun spot before reminding you that you are one of the lucky ones to the gently undulating piano on “Sweet Forgiveness The guests are revered and excellent, too: Willie Nelson features on “I’d Want it to Be You.” His vocals were left unfinished when scheduling commitments caused him to be replaced on Streisand’s 2014 album "Partners," which was finally completed last year. Yet even his performance pales compared to the legendary Kermit the Frog on the delightful version of “Rainbow Connection” that brings a lighter touch to proceedings. It is fair to say that you get more from this album as an existing Streisand superfan than a casual newcomer.