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Bastian Baker celebrates his 10-year career in 2022. The opportunity for the 30-year-old Vaudois to take a look back, but also to project himself into the future as he has now released his fifth album, “Stories of the XXI." The Swiss star manages to squeeze four albums, 150,000 album sales, and numerous accolades into a relatively short space of time. He spoke of the album, saying, "There are songs, like “No Secrets,” that I had written in 2017. I also wrote a track when I was stuck in Costa Rica during the first lockdown. I haven’t changed the recipe; it’s the same as usual. These are things that I experience, that I want to share, that I observe, that intrigue me or revolt me." The handsome pop talent continues to add to this impressive discography with the lead single lifted from the project titled "When It’s All Over." The song captures a sense of the challenges of the distance and anxiety brought to the forefront by current global events. Yet, in an inventive twist, the music changes dynamic and captures the end of a relationship – with the pandemic proving an opportunity for self-reflection for many. He has won several awards over the past decade, including his seven Swiss Music Awards, two Walo Prizes, an MTV European Music Award, the medal for Switzerland of the year or its ten gold and platinum discs. Bastian will be hitting the road in Switzerland – appearing in venues such as Les Docks, Lausanne/ Kaufleuten, Zürich/ Kofmehl, and Solothurn on his March 2022 tour.

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