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Bastille has released their wildly ambitious and brilliantly bold fourth album "Give Me The Future." The British band works to push its sound past its poppy origins, crafting a collection of beat-heavy, dance-oriented tracks. It feels therapeutic for the band, which used the concept of the future to make sense of and live through the chaos of the present. On the album's 13 tracks, Bastille finds itself relating to film characters and pop culture, employing a series of musical interludes to break up the journey to the future tastefully. Best known for synth- and guitar-led singles like “Pompeii” or “Things We Lost In The Fire,” the band’s opening track, “Distorted Light Beam,” immediately chart a new path. “Thelma + Louise” take escapism in a different direction. To the southern border, to be exact, like Thelma and Louise themselves in the iconic feminist film. Decrying modern life by calling it a letdown, Bastille traverses the Southwestern desert to the sound of its heart exploding. “Back To The Future” references the 1985 film, as well as “Blade Runner,” “1984,” and, indirectly, “The Wizard of Oz.” If you’re familiar with any of these, there’s no explanation needed as to why their futuristic themes like time travel or unrelenting government surveillance garnered a mention. There’s a sense of uneasiness yet resilience sewn through the album’s remaining tracks that feature more dystopian scenarios, such as on “Future Holds” (featuring BIM) and A.I.-like vocal effects on “Stay Awake.” Though the album may not conjure the exact hits as Bastille’s previous efforts, "Give Me The Future" is a musical step forward.

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