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Bastille has released a deluxe version of their fourth studio album, "Give Me The Future," which includes one new song entitled "Real Life" and also "Survivin" from the Goosebumps EP and "Shut Off The Lights" (SPINALL Remix). "Give Me The Future" is a “tribute to humanity in a tech age and reflects on the strangeness of living through times that can feel like science fiction.” Although the idea sounds like it could have been born from the pandemic, frontman Dan Smith had the idea before March 2020. “Working on these songs in such an apocalyptic period, with everyone stuck at home, glued to screens, fed into the feeling that what is real and what is not has become pretty difficult to discern sometimes. We’re in the age of deep fake, fake news, and lying world leaders. But online, you can be anyone. What that does to our sense of self and our relationships is huge, and it’s fascinating.” Bastille has cemented a reputation for building whole worlds around their releases throughout their previous three albums, often doing so with innovative, award-winning creativity. "Give Me The Future" is no different, this time accompanied by a fictional but familiar tech giant called Future Inc, the creators of an invention called “Futurescape.” This device allows users to live out their dreams virtually. It’s weaved through every element of the campaign and can be seen in the videos for their singles— “Distorted Light Beam,” “Thelma & Louise,” and “No Bad Days.” Bastille is set to support their new album on tour in the United Kingdom in April 2022.


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