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Beach House has released its eighth studio album entitled "Once Twice Melody," the first album produced entirely by Beach House, recorded at Pachyderm Studio in Cannon Falls, MN, United Studio in Los Angeles, CA, and Apple Orchard Studios in Baltimore, MD. A live string ensemble was used for the first time, with arrangements by David Campbell. "Once Twice Melody" mainly was mixed by Alan Moulder, but a few tracks were also incorporated by Caesar Edmunds, Trevor Spencer, and Dave Fridmann. With 18 tracks and 84 minutes of running time, Beach House has plenty of room to try out different things, but "Once Twice Melody" invariably sounds phenomenal. There are feathery acoustic guitars and rosy vocoders, watery analog synths and chord changes that explode like fireworks against the night sky. It has been mixed to emphasize its nuanced contrasts and swollen dimensions. In their soaring choruses and sumptuous arrays of synths, guitars, and percussion, they have taken on the proportions of spectacular, stadium-sized alt-pop. Where once they sounded indebted to bands like Mazzy Star or My Bloody Valentine, here they’re chasing a shiny brass ring bearing the fingerprints of Air, M83, even Tame Impala. Beach House is also headlining tour dates for 2022, which begin on February 18th in Pittsburgh at Stage AE and run through Sunday, July 24th in Washington, DC at Anthem.


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