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Grammy, Tony, and Emmy Award-winning artist Ben Platt just released his sophomore album, "Reverie." The album is a collision of the many sides to Ben Platt. Tales of romantic turbulence are told with emotional availability, spotlighted with dramatic production and showered with unapologetic pop sensibilities that feel wonderfully euphoric. Enthused, Ben says, “'Reverie' refers to sort of a daydream, and when I think of daydreams, it's often subconsciously. They’re often about something that you aren't necessarily processing in your normal life or that you cannot name yet in the kind of literal way. It’s like you are dreaming in a way that's out of your control.” There’s something enchantingly trance-like to "Reverie." The vocal often becomes distorted, and the tempo gracefully rises and falls like a beating heart. Slick, silky soundscapes leave amble space for exploration, allowing listeners to dive in and explore Ben’s imagination, anxieties, and hopes and dreams. The first half of the record could easily soundtrack the prom scene that finishes an 80’s come-of-age movie set in an American high school. It is an unexpected but wholly invited hand reaching out with the offer of a dance that comes with the anticipation of a passionate, head-spinning, ground-shaking love affair.

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