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Canadian group Billy Talent was formed in the early 1990s and remained one of the country’s most prominent acts. "Crisis of Faith" is their much anticipated sixth studio album after a six-year break from their fifth major release, "Afraid of Heights." The band is known for their punk rock sound and socially conscious lyrics, and "Crisis of Faith" brings those same qualities to the table. “Forgiveness I + II” starts off feeling quintessentially Billy Talent, which is comforting and disappointing. It is a robust track, but it brings no growth and honestly could have been a part of the discography multiple times. A lukewarm breakdown adds nothing special to a very lukewarm opener. The transition into “Forgiveness II” is nice and smooth and brings some exciting chill and nearly jazzy vibes into play. It feels reminiscent of the 60s and 70s rock in the best kind of way. Much of the album was recorded during the chaotic times known as the pandemic, and as always, the band does not shy away from this topic. “I Beg To Differ (This Will Get Better)” was initially released as a single during April 2020 as a message of hope during the pandemic. With "Crisis of Faith," the band delivers a sound that is consistently their own but capitalizes on the element of surprise by offering small nuggets of evolution throughout the album. There’s solid musicianship throughout. Lyrically sound with strong vocals to match as would be expected. More variety would have given the album a more mature feel, but it does not take away from being solid, if predictable.

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