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Bryan Adams has re-recorded a selection of his biggest hits and deep cuts for a new release. Weeks after dropping his 15th LP, "So Happy It Hurts," the singer-songwriter shared "Classic" across digital platforms as the first part of a series of similar projects. Kicking off with four of his biggest hits – "Summer of ‘69," "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You," "Heaven," and "Run To You" – the recordings breathe new life into the tracks, bringing the instrumentation up to date and showcasing his ageless vocals. More notably, they highlight the timelessness of the tracks, which, decades on, sound as fresh and contemporary as they did upon their original release. Also featured on ‘Classic’ is a new take on his ‘93 single "Please Forgive Me," the lesser-known cuts "Straight From The Heart" and "Hidin’ From Love," and "Teacher Teacher" – initially released by 38 Special in ‘84. There are no drastic overhauls for the arrangements; bar the odd adlib here and there. Still, the quality of the recordings is undeniably more significant than the original cuts, owing to advancements in technology. The album is available in both stereo and spatial audio. The concept of re-recording one’s catalogue is nothing new. In recent years Taylor Swift has revisited her album series for a similar project – to which Bryan himself has compared his latest venture. Just why he felt compelled to embark on this career-spanning task is unclear, but we're already hungry for more, given the quality of part one.


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