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2021 marked the beginning of a new chapter for Brynn Elliott. After kickstarting the year with her empowering new single, “Tell Me I’m Pretty, “Elliott has released her new EP titled, "Can I Be Real?" via Atlantic, Big Yellow Dog. It is a collection of vibrant pop songs that explore identity, self-image and finding your place in the world. She wrote "Can I Be Real?" after being on the road for about two years promoting her first project. Here what Elliott said, "When I went to write these songs, I really" had to sit with my experiences since I graduated college and realized I had been in this world of performance and glamour on the road. I had been “on,” as it were, for two years. And while I didn’t think I was inauthentic, performing 24/7 can cause you to shy away from the more real moments of life – messy hair, no make-up kind of things. So sitting with these two things made me want to write a project where I was frank with who I was and how I was feeling." Exploding onto the scene with her breakout single titled “Might Not Like Me,” which has amassed nearly 4 million views on Youtube alone, Brynn went on to tour with the likes of Why Don’t We, AJ Mitchell, and James Arthur. Currently signed to Atlantic Records, the rising star continues to put in the work necessary to make it to the big leagues, with her live performances as a huge part of her artistry.

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