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Cat Power has released a new album of covers — succinctly dubbed "Covers" — and she’s dropped two tracks from the LP, renditions of Frank Ocean’s “Bad Religion” and the Pogues’ “A Pair of Brown Eyes.” For her cover of “Bad Religion,” On 2000’s "The Covers Record," she found new elegance in trad-rock and butch blues – from the Rolling Stones’ ‘Satisfaction’ to The Velvet Underground’s ‘I Found A Reason’ – before doubling down on 2008’s "Jukebox," which made woozy inroads into country and folk with torchy and twinkling takes on classics by Hank Williams, Joni Mitchell and country blues legend Jessie Mae Hemphill. Initially an answer to a time in Marshall’s life when she felt more at ease singing other people’s songs than her own, her cover versions now possess a strength all of their own, with the self-produced ‘Covers’ setting itself apart from its predecessors by veering into the modern mainstream. Here material by Frank Ocean ("Bad Religion") and Lana Del Rey (‘White Mustang’) appears alongside the more long-established likes of Nick Cave (‘I Had A Dream, Joe’), Jackson Browne (‘These Days’) and The Pogues (‘A Pair of Brown Eyes’). Marshall has carefully selected each song to reflect a personal memory. Cover records are often dismissed as simply a bit of fun or as an indulgent aside from an artists’ original output, but when Cat Power does it, it’s nothing less than soul-nourishing.

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