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Singer-songwriter Cautious Clay gives us a bird-eyes view of the calamities of life in his debut "Deadpan Love," an album as perfect for summer weather as it is for broodier storms. The Orchard. Clay, a George Washington University graduate who minored in jazz studies, demonstrates his music-theoretical and practical abilities as a writer on all fourteen tracks. "Deadpan Love" seems slightly cynical on the surface, but there’s a heart to the album that subtly reveals itself. Single ‘Roots’ is especially heartfelt, lamenting the loss of a relationship dying from its own toxicity, with an addictive metallic snare and infectious vocals. Cautious Clay breaks up the album with an arrangement around his alliterative name, showing that this is a creative work enthused with humour, portraying the singer-songwriter’s authentic connection to fame and his adoration of wordplay, as well as a love for a groovy vibe that appears in most of the tracks. Cautious Clay gives us timeless music in this debut release, soul-pop music which almost transcends its genre in its eleven tracks that are easy to listen to and easier to love; "Dying in the Subtlety" is the perfect example of this, an earworm that’s creative, smooth and a dream to press repeat on. If Cautious Clay hadn’t already marked himself as one to watch, this album would have cemented that title in a heartbeat

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