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Auckland-based singer/songwriter Cecily has released her debut EP "Thinking About M(EP)." Cecily embraces her introverted self with her honest and self-effacing songwriting on the EP, which includes her singles "Thinking About Me," "I," "I Did It All," "Red Flags" and her latest release "Mad Girl’s Love Song." “This song was inspired by a very one-sided love,” says Cecily, “and I realized that the reason I couldn’t get over this person is that I didn’t know them well enough so I made them up inside my head.” With a range of influences from Kate Bush to ABBA, "Thinking About M(EP)" rolls in the depths of emotional turmoil, dealing with themes of isolation, love, and relationships (With the outside world) with cynical side-eye and plenty of autobiographical rawness. There is no sugar-coating or fluff. As a member of Generation Z, Cecily is pushing back against the ingrained institutions of the boomer generation with her music. She is certainly representing a breath of fresh air for a generation of change.

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