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Charlotte OC releases her most vulnerable and honest work to date with her new album "Here Comes Trouble." She speaks unguardedly of trauma, heartbreak, and soul-searching, guiding us through its evolution into a beautiful sophomore album. The established alt-pop artist has caught the hearts of millions of listeners since her teens as she’s untangled her long-lasting internal journey of self-discovery over the years. The past year has been a brutal psychological awakening for Charlotte as she faced extraordinary hardship and consuming emotional upheaval. Her ability to spin the turbulence into an observantly delicate and sonically refined album echoes the depth of her artistry. Charlotte has flourished through her music to heal the wounds; she says, “as much as nobody needs trauma, it does shape you, I’m a lot tougher than I used to be… I am such a softy, the most sensitive person you’ll ever meet, but I’ve grown more of a spine than I’ve ever had before. I’m grateful for it”. The already released singles “Bad Bitch” and “Forest” reveal contrasting sides of Charlotte’s psyche through her distinguished alternative sound and unmistakably effortless vocals that speak straight to the soul. With the release of "Here Comes Trouble," Charlotte's trajectory is soaring. Her artistry is consuming, and it's easy to get lost within her vocal delivery. A true gem that's emerging and hitting all the correct radars.

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