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Singer/songwriter Chelsea Jade has released her sophomore album, "Soft Spot." Her latest record, "Soft Spot," is a collection of songs that contain both the effervesce of a summer day and the nihilism of Nietzsche. A self-described “art school dropout,” the singer tinkers with those aesthetic tastes most pleasurable to herself, "Soft Spot’s" moody temperature was alternating between warm sensuality and calm reflection. The album’s soundscapes remain consistently evocative in tone and atmosphere. As a lyricist, Metcalf shows an uncanny knack for crafting wittily forward confessions that reveal her place at the center of an era in transit. Essential tracks “Superfan” and “Best Behaviour” boast some of Metcalf’s finest lyrics, her truths riding high upon her irresistible pop hooks, proving her as an artist like her more prominent peers. Innate creative confidence facilitates an exploration of self, from elated proclamations of passionate fascination to detailed sketches of personal and romantic dysfunction. "Soft Spot" is a promising release by a unique talent who only seems to strengthen herself with each effort. "Soft Spot" remains a stable release and is guaranteed to please its core audience. If anything, “Optimist” and “Superfan” will undoubtedly prove themselves as great “art kid” summer jams, and “Night Swimmer” will likely warrant retrospective reconsideration as a noteworthy achievement in modern art-pop. Indeed, Chelsea Jade has produced a commendable album, entirely worth the listen and conversation, its sophistication the mark of an artist with plenty of great work to come.

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