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Singer-songwriter Chloe Lilac has released her new EP titled "you were good to me." The project is released alongside a brand new single, "lily's backyard." A project derived from Chloe's personal, nuanced experience with loss, the mixtape is a journey through the delicate layers of what it means to face failure and its lasting, formative effects. A masterclass in forward-thinking indie-pop, the mixtape glides seamlessly among pop-punk stylings, bedroom pop instrumentals, and razor-sharp lyricism that defines Chloe's writing from day 1. Speaking on the mixtape, Chloe notes, "This mixtape is all about losing the people you love most. Whether that's losing a best friend, losing a romantic partner, or losing yourself. It can be hard to let go when people come in and out of your life; you could feel betrayed, you could feel heartbreak, you could feel anger, but at the end of the day, it all comes back to love." Alongside the mixtape comes brand new single, "lily's backyard," a bombastic, guitar-driven track, of which Chloe describes: "Lily's backyard is about betrayal. When you let someone in, and they let you down." The new mixtape is the follow-up to Chloe's widely acclaimed December 2021 mixtape, "when I feel better," an exposé defining Chloe Lilac's growth over the past year. Chloe‘s been getting a ton of critical acclaim leading up to the release, including support on Spotify’s New Music Friday and Salt playlists earning her over 20 million streams on Spotify, and she’s also toured with many acts, including Charlotte Lawrence, mxmtoon and Tessa Violet.

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