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18-year-old singer-songwriter Chloe Moriondo releases Her major-label debut album titled "Blood Bunny" courtesy of Public Consumption Recording Co. It sees the young songwriter transformed from a sweet ukulele-playing YouTuber to a full-blown assured indie rock star who knows what they want to say and exactly how they’re going to say it. The sound is far more developed and dynamic than what we’ve previously heard from Chloe as she worked for the first time with some outside producers harnessing her songwriting skills into a far more powerful proposition. You can hear it through the album as her songs swell to fill the room while the quieter moments have an added degree of close intimacy. Chloe had something special from her earliest independent releases and EPs, but here on her first ‘Big Kid’ album, as she calls it, she puts everything together into one satisfying package.


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