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Singer-songwriter and YouTuber born and based in Detroit Chloe Moriondo has released her new "puppy luv" EP, featuring five canine-themed tracks. To celebrate, Moriondo has shared a music video for “nice pup,” which includes over 50 fan-submitted dog clips. “nice pup” is a wholesome track where Moriondo compares themselves to a dog. The lyrics of “sammy” presumably speak on the artist’s furry best friend, but they can also be applied to any “puppy love” one may have. Moriondo sings, “Oh, Sammy, Sammy/Your little face is sweet as candy, candy/Could have the hearts of so many, many/But I’m so glad that you’re mine.” The EP was announced with the release of the song “sammy.” It's accompanying, the painfully adorable music video features Moriondo‘s own dog. "puppy luv" also follows the release of last year’s "Blood Bunny." Moriondo recently spoke to Alternative Press about creating more playful and experimental music this year. “I feel there’s so much I still haven’t said in my music, and there are infinite things I could talk about, as well as genres and realms that I want to dive into more. I love experimenting with different styles of music, and producers and am very excited to branch out more and more. I want to write weird stuff and maybe take it a little less seriously than I normally do. I want to write more fun music next year.” In addition, Moriondo is set to support mxmtoon on a North American tour starting in May.


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