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After much anticipation, the multi-Grammy award winner and global superstar Christina Aguilera celebrates the launch of her highly-anticipated Spanish EP "La Fuerza" with her hot new track titled "Santo" featuring Urban Music powerhouse Ozuna. In LA FUERZA's third single, "SANTO," the award-winning stars bring their unmatched vocals in full force, delivering an incredible performance while Latin rhythms create the perfect flow that makes an instant hit. The track was written by Christina Aguilera, Ozuna, Dallas K, Gale, Josh Barrios, produced by Rafa Arcaute, Federico Vindver, Dallas K and co-produced by Afo Verde. A brand-new video directed by Nuno and shot in Las Vegas a few months ago comes with the release.

In true Aguilera's legendary videos' fashion, "Santo" 's video is visually stunning sensual, and it continues the story that started with her latest Spanish hits "Pa' Mis Muchachas" and "Somos Nada." Today also sees Aguilera deliver her first EP in Spanish in 20 years. The recording of the EP had a significant impact on the iconic star, inspired by her Ecuadorian roots, which made her fall in love with music in a completely different way. Six unique and exquisite songs are part of this work of art, which features the best Latin sounds in their diversity, with one common denominator: empowerment. Aguilera worked with talented and accomplished artists, songwriters, musicians, and producers for her second Spanish album, making LA FUERZA her best work to date. And the good news is, there is so much more to come.

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