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Christina Perri has released her new lullaby album called "Songs For Rosie," dedicated to the daughter she lost last year. Christina Perri has not had an easy year as, In July of 2020, the singer-songwriter shared that she was expecting another child with her husband, comedian Paul Costabile. The couple was thrilled; this would be their rainbow baby after experiencing a pregnancy loss at 11 weeks in January of 2020. But in November of 2020, in her third trimester, Perri was hospitalized with pregnancy complications. Two weeks later, she and her family shared the devastating news that they had lost their daughter. “She was born silent after fighting so hard to make it to our world,” Perri, who had been 33 weeks along, wrote at the time. “This record means the most to me because it carries forever the narrative—the correct narrative—that she exists,” says Perri. It also builds upon Perri’s legacy of commemorating her love for her children via song. She hopes the album will help others who have also experienced pregnancy loss connect with their grief and honour the little ones they’ve lost as well. "Songs For Rosie" features duets with Christina’s husband, Paul, and with Carmella, as well as special appearances by Chris Martin and Jacob Collier on the new song “roses in the rain (lullaby).” It also features a cover of The Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun.”

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