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Clara Mae describes her music as organic and honest with influences from the country, whose lyrics are about previously experienced heartache. In 2021, the singles "Not Sad Anymore," "Crash," and "Missing You Sucks" were released, and now, Clara Mae has unveiled her new EP "Learning Experience." The focus track "Miss The Party" is heard on the EP, which she makes together with the Copenhagen-based artist Maximilian. For Clara Mae, music is the best company you can have through life; she wants her lyrics and melodies to give the listeners the same experience that Clara herself experiences from listening to music. She wants to touch and invite the listener to her journey with narrative texts and the visual world. "I want it to feel like a movie when you listen to my songs; you should be able to close your eyes and see everything in front of you, says Clara. On the EP “Learning Experience,” you get to take part in Clara's lessons in the process through heartache, healing and hope and how the lessons have developed her as a person. The EP contains six tracks; on one of the tracks, "Crash," Clara describes how a person can affect someone's life so much, both positively and negatively and how it never really leaves one. The single "Not Sad Anymore" is about that moment one realizes that time heals wounds, even though it may feel impossible and ink-black at times. You can hear clear influences and soundscapes from the country in the music.

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