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Singer-songwriter and Olympic-level swimmer Cody Simpson has released his fourth studio album, "Cody Simpson," via his own label, Coast House Records and The Orchard, and Simpson’s first full-length release in six long years. In "Cody Simpson," the titular artist finds himself exploring the existential themes of the everyday human experience. The 12-track record is a life-affirming soundtrack of his evolution: a natural lyricist. “Producing this album not only was a chance to reclaim some innocence — which was temporarily lost in America — but it has an ever so subtle sense of time and place,” says Simpson. “I’m ready for a new chapter in my life. Recording this album and the studio we did it in, with all this richness of history there, was a real cathartic and intrinsic experience.” In November 2020, Simpson took a week out from his disciplined swimming schedule to record and co-produce the album at the celebrated Village Recording Studios in West Hollywood. Drawing on personal influences, including John Mayer and Jack Johnson, the album was arranged in the studio with live musicians, including string and horn sections. Two singles have been released from the album, including the first single, "Nice To Meet You" the aptly titled single was a solid reintroduction to Simpson’s music and his most recent single, "Let Go," which Simpson says is one of his favourite songs from his new album.

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