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Coldplay has released its Max Martin-produced ninth studio album, "Music of the Spheres," a spacy 12-track collection with waves of synth and airy melodies. Max is just one of several pop stalwarts appearing on the album, with Coldplay recruiting Selena Gomez and BTS for features. The track “Infinity Sign” sounds like it was created inside a starburst, and “Biutyful” is a hit of ecstasy in musical form. This is an album that should be playing as astronauts gather on a slowly spinning space station for a galactic rave. While the new music does have interstellar tinges, it remains grounded in the big-tent pop sound Max has cultivated for more than 25 years: bright chords, lush synth-scapes, insanely catchy hooks. The seeds to the new album were seeded years ago when the British band was finishing up their tour for “A Head Full of Dreams.” The pandemic scrambled their plans, leading to their last album, “Everyday Life,” a dense and complex work with words spoken or sung in Arabic, Spanish, Zulu and Igbo. It was as introspective about humanity as the new one is lofty. "Music of the Spheres" already has a No. 1 single under its belt -- "My Universe," Coldplay's collaboration featuring K-pop superstars BTS, hit the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100. The single marked the British rock band's first No. 1 hit since 2008's "Viva La Vida." It gave both groups appearances on the Rock & Alternative Airplay and Alternative Airplay charts, reaching the No. 20 and No. 23 spots.