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The legendary New Zealand group Crowded House has released its first new album in over a decade titled "Dreamers Are Waiting" via EMI Australia. The band’s line-up on "Dreamers Are Waiting" includes founding members Neil Finn and Nick Seymour and producer and keyboardist Mitchell Froom, singer and guitarist Liam Finn, and drummer Elroy Finn, Liam’s brother. This will serve as their seventh album in total and the first since 2010, written in confinement. The new album is a richly textured record about treasuring loved ones and securing their future, the myths we indulge in making it all seem OK. “Our generation being in control has really fucked things up,” Finn says. In the final year of the Trump presidency, recording it in the US has woven threads of anxiety and portent through it. The band previously announced they had lined up a tour of New Zealand, which has been allowing concerts to happen since last June due to proactive Covid-19 containment measures.

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