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Parisian artist Crystal Murray has released her second EP, a dive into her rebellious and colourful universe. Born in a Spanish and Afro-American artistic family of a jazz saxophonist-father and a music manager-mother, Murray had a childhood soundtracked by the music of Sly and the Family Stone, Marvin Gaye, Minnie Ripperton and John Coltrane, rather than the teen-pop favoured by most of her peers. The newly 20-year-old Parisian artist released her debut EP "I Was Wrong" in 2020, a jazz and pop-influenced R&B project. Written in the summer of 2020 while in residency in Portugal and recorded in Paris with Sacha Rudy, "Twisted Bases" will offer a tantalizing taster of Murray’s vast creative range. The artist has already unveiled two tracks from the EP: the bouncy and club-ready “Like It Nasty” and “Too Much To Taste,” a euphoric dance-pop song to be discovered below. “60-year-old white people think [the industry] is still the same as 20 years ago,” she explains matter-of-factly, speaking from her apartment in the 20th arrondissement. “They have rules, and I think these rules need to have a little update. And I think we – people of colour, young people, people that know the community – I think we are the ones that need to start rewriting these rules because we’re the ones making the music. And, unlike them, we know there’s no set recipe for a banger.”

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