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33-year-old Australian favourite Dami Im has made a comeback with her new album "My Reality," She has written every song on the record. Her sixth studio album, "My Reality," she has worked with several top-tier collaborators on the album, including One Above (Hilltop Hoods, Illy), Andy Mak (Vera Blue, Tina Arena) and Konstantin Kersting (Tones And I, Spacey Jane). She says it pushed her creativity and voice into areas she wouldn’t usually go. “On this album, I really enjoyed working with people whose work is different to what I normally do, and it makes you think about things differently,” she says. “A few years ago, I wasn’t mature enough to steer my albums the way I wanted them to go. This is the dream album, it took a while, but I’m so proud of it. This album is about owning who I am. You shouldn’t shy away from the things people like about you. But you are who you are. Some parts on this record people might expect, some others show how much I’ve changed. With this album, I’m just trying to be authentic in the way I know it; that’s my reality.” One of Australia’s most gifted and beloved singers first broke through after winning "The X Factor" in 2013. With the preceding singles displaying immense warmth, depth, soul and sheer musical brilliance. Signing with ABC Music in 2020, Dami has expanded her musical horizons with thrilling results.


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