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Danielle Bradbery has released a new album showcasing both her roots and wings musically. "In Between: The Collection" via Big Machine Records. The new project features ten tracks representing the different chapters in Bradbery’s musical journey so far, including the brand new track “Look At The Mess I’m In” as well as the heart-wrenching “Break My Heart Again.” “Over the last nine years, I’ve put out a handful of music. All this time, I’ve been finding my voice, finding the things I really want to sing about and overall continuing to create who I am,” explains Bradbery. “I’ve felt in my heart that I needed to close this last chapter of my music, so I gathered all the songs I’ve put out over the past few years and made "In Between: The Collection." “The first half of the collection shows my countryside—my roots,” she continues. “The second half shows the direction I see my music going—infusing R&B, pop, and rock elements while remaining true to my country core in storytelling and lyric. I make music that I love and let my fans decide what to call it. I want everyone to reminisce on the past few years with me as I get ready to begin this exciting next chapter.” It’s a great release from the impressive performer who has a natural ability to craft a sonic style that fuses multiple genre sounds. This standout tracklist is a testament to the talent she possesses. If you haven’t listened to her before, this album is a beautiful place to start.

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