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Swedish artist Isak Danielson has released his fourth studio album, "King Of A Tragedy," which is a musical ray of light on the horizon in what are then oppressive Omicron times. In his current music, the blond boy from Sweden deals with the different ideas of masculinity and sexuality, questions stereotypes and enchants with queer aesthetics. Speaking of his new single, "Good Things Come to Those Who Wait," he said, "It is one of the greatest songs I've ever written. It's all about the path to success, to get where you want to be and what you have to sacrifice to get there.” The 21-year-old singer/songwriter has been described as an “old soul in a young man’s body,” and I couldn’t agree more. His voice has been compared to Hozier and Anthony & The Johnsons, but he has said he draws inspiration from artists like Diane Warren, Amy Winehouse, Sam Smith, and Sia. In 2022 Isak will visit UK, Germany, France, and Norway to meet his constantly growing audience. If you like voices like Adele, Sam Smith and Anthony & The Johnsons, you will like Isak Danielson. In 2012, Isak Danielson made headlines when aged just 15; he placed third in Sweden's first season of The X Factor. He honed his songwriting skills and released the single Long Live This Love in 2014 and his independent EP "Volume One." In 2018 he caused a sensation with his first album, "Yours." Dancer and influencer Maddie Ziegler fueled the viral success of "Ending," which was featured on "So You Think You Can Dance" in the US, became a favourite of professional dancers worldwide, and whose music featured in the Marvel series "Cloak and Dagger” was heard.

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