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Everyone comes to a crossroads in their life at one point or another, for Dashboard Confessional‘s lead singer Chris Carrabba, that happened as the last decade came to a close. This makes sense; the band has been together for over 20 years. In that time, they have released eight studio albums, with a four-year break between 2011 and 2015. Now, their discography grows with their ninth album, "All The Truth That I Can Tell." The album was produced by James Paul Wisner, who also produced the band’s first two albums, with Carrabba summing up the core of this record by saying: “Honesty was at… the heart of this collection of songs.” Featuring 11 songs, "All The Truth That I Can Tell" opens with "Burning Heart." It’s a slow, acoustic song; the only sounds are the guitar and Carrabba‘s voice. It is an ambitious way to start an album because most opening songs usually begin with a bang, but the stripped-back sound allows the lyrics to become the song's focus. They are unflinchingly raw as if Carrabba has opened up his heart and poured it all out into the song. "Everyone Else Is Just Noise" continues the stripped-back sound. The good thing about sticking to this stripped-back sound is that the album's pacing stays the same. In "Here’s To Moving On," this is also seen as an upbeat anthem about picking yourself up after tough times. Dashboard Confessional is perhaps best known for their rock anthems; however, as these tracks prove, it might just be their acoustic sound that is their natural talent.

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